Our Response?
“You Make the Call”
The Execution
We wanted the mobile banner itself to intrinsically ‘shake the user out of their comfort zone’- what better way to do this than a phone-call with a stranger!
Using the medium in an innovative and creative way we dared the user to ‘make the call’ that could change their life.  If they didn’t have the guts to press the button we simulated an incoming call telling the user all about the opportunity of a lifetime.
We created and served multiple versions of the ad relative to the users device, to ensure the video simulating the call matched their device GUI.
The Results?
Over 20,000 clickthroughs in 8 days, exceeding expectations by 40%
'Best Innovation' - Digital Marketing Awards 2015
'Creativity in Online Advertising' - Kinsale Shake Awards 2014
'Innovation' - ICAD Awards 2014
My Role
Concept, Art Direction & Design (with CKSK)
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